GLOWED UP (Full Size)


Oh My Glow! 

OMGLO highlighting sprays are designed to give a luminescent glow to the face and body. With our unique blend of sweet orange and lavender scents, our shimmer enhanced finishing sprays are enriched with aloe vera and other botanical extracts to help nourish, brighten, and soften the skin. Each shade is a custom blend of light-catching pigments to help magnify the natural sparkle of healthy skin. The shades we offer include all skin tones from fair to deep, so everyone can show off their best glow! 

Glowed Up features iridescent pigments to add a prismatic sparkle to your favorite look 

All sprays are vegan and cruelty-free.

*Pro Glo Tip:

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE  (Pigment will settle)

 - The pigments settle at the bottom of the bottle. If you do not shake, you will not shine! 

• Hold the bottle 6-8” away from the skin and spray evenly. When spraying the face, be sure to have eyes closed. 

*Pro Tip: Great lighting always helps! The best results will be seen in direct sunlight. For optimal glow, be sure to apply the spray in layers allowing drying time between each application. 

Also, layering multiple shades adds dimension! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Wonderful Spray!

I love this stuff! It smells wonderful and gives a pretty glow to the skin!


The product is awesome! It exceeded my expections with just enough glitter to shimmer and shine!


This is a great product ! I’m glad that I made this purchase it is a great addition to your makeup routine ! I will def be purchasing again


I love this product. Great stuff!!!

Pretty glow but doesn’t spray

The actual product is great, smells good and feels nice on the skin but it does not spray, it squirts out and I received two pray nozzles and they both don’t allow it to spray nicely out so I resort to squirting it on my hand and then rubbing it on myself. I’ll go buy a spritzer bottle to pour it into. Also now that I am looking at the picture mine is super opaque compared to the images on the website and it has a more green tint to it in the bottle.

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